Ditch the excuses, aches, and pains and feel like an athlete again!

While still enjoying a couple of drinks and pizzas with your friends.

Get out of pain and back in the game. Working with busy professionals with families and tons of deadlines to catch.

As a Health and Performance Coach, spending over a decade with high achievers.

I am all about helping people like you, who can sometimes also feel lost and have goals but have to juggle multiple balls simultaneously.

coach memduh


Experience the power of Individualized Personal Training and unlock your full fitness potential. Our tailored workout programs are designed to fit your unique needs and goals, bringing you unparalleled results without breaking the bank. With world-class expertise just a click away, you have the opportunity to seize control of your fitness journey and cultivate a sustainable habit for long-term success.

Forget about the noise and confusion of fleeting fitness trends and online gimmicks. Memduh, your trusted guide, will lead you through scientifically proven methods that truly deliver results. Say goodbye to uncertainty and embrace a proven path to greatness.

The vast sea of health and fitness information can be overwhelming, making it difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. That’s where a personal trainer steps in, acting as your filter and beacon of knowledge. Let us cut through the clutter, providing you with the essential information that aligns with your specific goals.

By entrusting your health to a professional, you make a wise choice that propels you toward a brighter, healthier future.


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