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coach memduh

Memduh began his sportive career at an early age when restlessness had him leaping from household furniture and climbing up door frames.

That humble beginning expanded into a lifelong journey of study and exploration of the human body and its capabilities.

Training in different sports and using different training modalities, and dealing with injuries. Made him fall in love with the process of training.

Memduh has trained youth tennis teams, professional dancers, and volleyball and basketball players.

Most notably as Assistant Coach to Turkey’s National Women’s Basketball team. He has, through safe, consistent, and progressive work improved the diagnosis and symptoms of clients with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and crippling low back pain.

He’s always respectful, helpful, listens, and is easy to talk to. His high work ethic and curiosity drive him to constantly study, question, and seek out the latest information for the best method of functional training. Memduh is energetic, highly motivating and strives to safely push you out of your comfort zone making you stronger in all areas of your life.

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